Thing 3: Gas isn’t cheap, or so I’ve heard

We are in a world where a loaf of bread will never cost a nickel, milk won’t be delivered to your doorstep, and Tupac won’t be coming back anytime soon. You will find a larger number of people are constantly asking “What happened to the good ol’ days?”

These people clearly haven’t used an iPad yet.

Take this "ol' days"!

We need to realize that the best days are yet to come. Why do we always worry about the days that have passed when all that it is going to do is hang you up there? Recently, the big thing that people have deemed the beginning of the¬†apocalypse is the rising gas prices. I don’t know if you have had a conversation recently that has not included someone commenting on high gas prices.

The problem here is that we have a lot of people complaining just to complain. I already know some people might say, “But your blog is mostly just complaining about stuff? And its daily too!”


When it comes to these gas prices we need to understand one thing as a society, they aren’t going to be going down anytime soon. The worst thing for some people is that there is nothing that we can do about it. They are right. We are going to continue to take these gas prices in stride and hopefully we can find a way to pay for the rising costs of gas prices.

There have been all kinds of ways that people have been trying to get around paying for more gas than they need to. Some people have decided to carpool, some have used more public transportation, and some have devised crackpot schemes that Wile E. Coyote would consider insane. My personal favorite is the “Don’t buy gas days”. I am no economist but I really feel that this plan has some major flaws.

If you aren’t up to date on this process, people take one day (or certain, predetermined time period) and tell people that they shouldn’t buy gas and the price will drop to something like $2 a gallon. Screw these people. First off, do they understand the kind of global scale this would have to take place on in order for something like that to happen, and that doesn’t even make it a sure thing. Also, once people buy the gas the next day the price will just go back to being the same. Do we all really think that a viral Facebook jpeg will trick these oil executives? They are so important that they probably don’t even have a Facebook. Maybe you should take your tactics to LinkedIn to get their attention.

I don’t see how moving your gasoline purchase back a day will bring down prices that drastically. Yes, there will be more oil, but then it will be used up faster right after that. You really think that gas prices are changed that much due to a day off? In theory, based on supply and demand, it would work. More supply, lower prices. I get that. But do you really think that ONE day will cause that much change? No, it won’t.

For everyone that thinks that this crackpot scheme will lower gas prices, how about you try something else. Maybe take public transportation. How about you save that gas that you would personally use and pool it so everyone will have more since you aren’t filling up your personal vehicle. If you are really in it for the greater good you wouldn’t have an issue doing this.

Oh…you won’t do that?

Then shut up.

This is the problem with people complaining about rising gas prices. The people who are advocates for stupid “get rich quick” gas schemes go buy a Hummer and then go try to act like its the rest of the worlds fault for not following the simple rules you posted on Facebook. How about you trade the SUV in for a Chevy Volt or other hybrid vehicle?

...or Rickshaw

Basically, all this comes down to is a lot of people complaining and not doing anything to make it better. Go ahead and blame Obama or Exxon or whoever your hillbilly cousin told you was responsible for your problems with gas prices. It’s a lot easier and you know that if there is one thing Americans can do better than anyone, it’s bitch and complain then put the burden on someone else to make it better.