One Direction (Google search fodder)

So, after taking a little time off from the blog, I have decided to restart from square one. As you can see (if you have been here before) the name of the blog has changed.

You: (worried tone) “What will happen to your fresh, hateful, yet oddly interesting content that you have delivered so eloquently in the past?”

Don’t you worry about it. That content will still be on the site under a new tag of “Things I Hate” and new content under that tag will come in the future when I really have something to say regarding a certain topic.

The problem I was having was coming up with something new every day to talk about and actually have a quality argument for. Yes, there were things that bothered me daily but they weren’t really worthy of a full, well-constructed post.

From now on, the site will have all kinds of new content ranging from the original style rants to maybe something more meaningful. I will try to update the page every day since the new name (“Dyson Daily”) reflects that frequency.

So, hopefully I can start this tonight or even tomorrow night. I really enjoy the whole blogging atmosphere and didn’t feel I could really show off everything I wanted to in the format that I was using. So from now on, there will be more content and even more of your favorite topics discussed! Hopefully, if everything continues to go the way I hope it does, I can invest in a specific url or even upgraded site content and connections!

If you like the site make sure to let me know and share with your friends so we can keep the dream alive!

So from here on out, welcome to the newly re-branded, “Dyson Daily”!

So in the words of the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come: “Come in, and know me better, man!”