Thing 6: So You Hate Facebook’s Timeline?

Whether you like it or not, Facebook’s Timeline in here to stay. Everyday there seems to be someone talking about the validity of the Timeline itself. I remember the first day that news about the timeline was released. You would have thought that someone had changed the way the world spins. I have not seen such outrage since Arrested Development was cancelled. It was everywhere!

Scars still haven't healed

Most people in this world have a problem with change. The fact that the Facebook Timeline sparked such outrage is a sign that maybe people need to spend a little more time away from the computer (Sidenote: Unless you are reading this blog and sharing, then go ahead and click, click, click!!). Are we really that worried about something different. Think about it this way, if Facebook never decided to change the way it operates, there would be far less content and the overall effect would not be as potent. It would be what MySpace is today; Owned by Justin Timberlake and be called “:-)Book” or something stupid like that.

To this day there are still people who have started to revolt in the name of the old profile page. Take for instance this page. According to them, the Timeline is the biggest fail that Facebook has ever had. Also, it has the almighty customer telling the corporate social media giant that they need to change or else.

Uh oh. Facebook better get its act together or this group of 9,771 Facebook users…


9,771? That is really all that you could pull together? Facebook has something like 800 million users, but you feel as if the 9,771 in your group are truly a barometer of how people feel? I believe the only FAIL that I see here is the lack of support for the “biggest mistake” Facebook has ever made. People are clearly upset.

Well maybe I need to check for a larger group to see if the first one I found was just an offshoot that didn’t gain much backing. Lets look at the support page for the aptly named Timeline Sucks (Modern Hemingway’s we have here). They are sitting at almost 35,000 strong and have the full support of Kanye West!

(Enter Interruption Jok-"Ima let you finish, but the old profile was the greatest of all time"

I will give these people more props though because they have spread the word in the form of organized protest. One status updates claims that Queen will be played at the death of the timeline.

They also have a sense of humor though, which is commendable. Check this joke out:

“Timeline is the best thing EVER!!!!…………….please, not even on April Fools Day -__-“

Well played

“That should show those fools that think that Timeline is such a good idea. It will never get support! We have finally succeeded in our quest to stop the hideous Timeline from being installed in all profiles! Lets go tell our friends! We can post links on their new Ti…GOD DAMN IT!”

The most depressing part of this whole scenario is that we are hearing the voice of the few while tuning out the voice of the many. This is one of the biggest problems that they internet faces. There is negativity everywhere. Now, I can already hear a few voices saying that my blog is titled, “365 Things I Hate About You.” The name breeds hate.

That is because you are stupid. I say that in the nicest way possible. This blog is all about making people aware of the problems they are causing. My views may not be perfect but they are not tied down to any specific group of beliefs. That means that my mind is free to come up with logical and non-discriminatory ideas. I see that certain things, like change are inevitable.

The fact that people are so up in arms about something as ridiculous as the way that your Facebook profile is set up means that the world is on a downward spiral of sorts. The ridiculous nature of these complaints goes as far to say that online privacy has been compromised since the timeline keeps all of your information in chronological order. Due to this, it is easier to become a stalker and steal people’s information or stalk them in a dangerous way.

To all of these people, I would like to introduce you to the internet. Apparently you both have not met before. This will be good for both of you.

You really think that privacy has been tainted by Facebook’s new timeline style profile? Forget about your credit card number being online or having all your banking and location information stored in your new smart phone. All internet privileges revoked.

This is the problem with people these days. They have no basis for most of their arguments. Don’t get me wrong, we all have opinions. Hell, I express mine via blog posts in a moderately trafficked WordPress site that most my friends won’t even read.  That is the problem and the beauty of the internet. People can voice their opinions. The only problem lies when stupid people voice stupid opinions that are backed by nothing and based strictly in sensationalism.

Much Like Rick Santorum's Presidential Campaign

Here is my stance. The Facebook timeline is something that is here to stay. It tells the story of our lives in a way that no other site does. It collects our thoughts and our memories in a digital dropbox of sorts. It organizes these things for us to use in the future in a way that may not make life easier for all, but extremely functional for the majority.

So next time you start to hate against the new Facebook timeline you should go ahead and stop.

Collect your thoughts.

Figure out why you are upset.

Count to 10 just like your mother taught you to do when you were 7.

Then think to yourself, is this really worth my time or could I be enjoying the change and embracing the new things that come my way?

If you are still enraged by this then there is no help for you. You are just destined to be stupid forever. After that, go check your MySpace. Still suck? Write a post about it, but not on MySpace. No one reads that.

Hell, might as well go post it on your fancy new timeline. I hear it’s pretty cool.