Come one, Come all (and other cliche openers)

So here we are.

It is time.

The circus has begun.

(enter inspirational opening lines here)

Every single day there seems to be something that bothers me. Whether we are celebrating the life of a crackhead that wasted a 1 in a million gift or listing to Republicans try and convince me that birth control and late term abortion are, in essence, the same exact thing.

Too often we are forced to take in and (hopefully) digest the crap that we hear from people who are mostly idiots. Our obsession with social media and the ability for, not only America’s, but the worlds dumbest people to have say in anything makes me upset. So hopefully this blog can serve as a way for people to see the logical side of the argument. It will be the one place that people can go and find some semblance of sanity in a world overpopulated with the insane.

This is where people will come to find out exactly, what are the 365 Things I Hate About You?


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